Indigenous Nations

Customized Solutions for Tribal Communities

Luminare Health is committed to providing Tribes and their enterprise businesses with cost-effective, specialized solutions that improve the health of their populations and provide significant claim savings.

Improving Access

We know that improved access to care is the first step to helping deliver improved outcomes. Luminare Health accomplishes this for the Tribal communities that we serve by:

  • Delivering the best national contracting
  • Maintaining the broadest network of providers
  • Offering virtual health solutions
  • Collaborating with Indian Health Services (IHS) and Tribal and Urban Indian Organizations 
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Tailored Administrative Capabilities

We've developed Tribal community-specific administration capabilities, including:
  • Specialized Claims Administration 
  • Legal and Contracting Expertise to support Tribal Sovereignty       
  • Purchased/Referred Care (PRC), formerly Contract Health Services (CHS), Support Services facilitation
  • Medicare-Like-Rates (MLR) Implementation and Administration with network education and support 
  • And much more
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Focused Solutions

​In addition to a specific emphasis on increasing access and integration with premier provider and hospital networks across the country, our suite of solutions also focuses on:
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Specific needs of the Tribe

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Preventive care

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Mental health care

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High-risk maternity programs

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Member support and advocacy

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Pharmacy benefits and specialty pharmacy programs

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