Hospitals and Health Systems

Lighting the Way

For more than 50 years, Luminare Health has served the needs of hospitals and health systems, helping manage the many unique aspects of hospital benefit plan administration. 

Leveraging our experience with multi-tiered network arrangements and benefit plan designs, we work with you to build a health benefit plan that works for you and your members while also reducing costs.
Lighting the Way

Flexible Plans and Domestic Steerage

Personalized plan designs that encourage domestic utilization and help prevent leakage? Now that's a bright idea. 

With our flexible, nimble approach to effectively support health system solutions, Luminare Health can build and administer a domestic benefit plan to best support your members. We deliver solutions that promote the use of domestic services and ultimately help reduce leakage.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Luminare Health offers informative and actionable analytics and reporting to enable you to make fact-based decisions that support your growth.

With our dashboard reporting tool, Beyond Insights, you can access administrative reports and hospital reports that are designed specifically to help you effectively manage your health plans and domestic network utilization. 
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Experience by the Numbers

When you consider our years of experience helping clients like you, the numbers add up to one solid benefits partner. But who's counting?

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~90 healthcare-related clients

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100–25,000 enrolled employees per healthcare provider client

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100+ reports and dashboards available

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50+ provider networks nationwide 

Your Specialized Integration Partner

Luminare Health can also support your health system's direct-to-employer and community health benefit plan initiatives. With a compassionate and consultative approach, our skilled teams will work with you to create fully customized solutions that help you and your members thrive.

You bring your expert physicians, facilities, and trusted community reputation.

Luminare Health brings our flexibility, expert strategies, and pressure-tested processes.

Together we can work to achieve your goals, including:
  • Diversify revenue streams
  • Leverage community relationship to drive unique network partnerships
  • Promote health system brand within the community

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