Responsive Support

“I feel like everyone there is not afraid to pick up the phone and call. Obviously e-mail is great too, but I love just knowing that I can get someone on the line.” — Ashley Lent, Meritrust
“They're very responsive, very quick to get back with us. I usually help employees communicate to [Luminare Health] and relay information back to the employees when need be, but even members who call [Luminare Health] and get their customer service, they're very quick to answer questions. And they're not afraid to say, "We don't know the answer. Let me call you back. Let me research a little bit more," which is kind of reassuring that they're doing their part to get the correct answer to employees.” — Chelsea Snyder, City of Broken Arrow
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“[Luminare Health's team leader] is an absolute rock star from a claims standpoint. … I always know I can call her, and she can reach out to a hospital or a billing department and help us work through any issues we may be having. [She] really works to find a solution for the employee. I value their responsiveness and diligence in working with the member to get what they need.” — Megan Fry, Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas
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Effective Risk and Cost Mitigation

“[We] had a network [pull] a big hospital out of network … and [Luminare Health] has gone the extra mile to work with us to figure out what the disruption's going to be for our employees, what percentage of employees are being disrupted. They've been working closely with the hospital … communicating with them. … They've also suggested we send out communications … to employees. … They're taking the extra step to make sure that it's [a] smooth transition for everybody.” — Chelsea Snyder, City of Broken Arrow
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“They are really strong in helping analyze data and making sure we’re maximizing and managing the plan. … You don’t have that with other administrative partners—they don’t have the expertise or the data to help you on the analysis side. [Luminare Health] helps me make the best decisions to guide my client.” — Drew Butler, Hays Companies
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Integrated and Flexible Solutions

“We're very family-friendly, family-oriented, and … you guys are very large, but you help us continue our family-oriented relationship with our employees. There's many times where employees call and, I'm not going to lie, we do a lot of hand holding, but you guys help us keep that going. That's why the trust is a big thing.” — Ashley Lent, Meritrust

“We’re now able to look at the data and reporting and analyze how we can help our employees be healthier and better utilizers of the plan. … We’re now able to make plan design changes that will be beneficial.” — Megan Fry, Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas
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Expertise and Consultation

“And really being able just to have that trust. … at any given time, I love knowing that if we have an issue with an employee, I don't feel alone. I can call you guys and you guys can help me get it taken care of.” — Ashley Lent, Meritrust
“I have so much confidence working with [Luminare Health]. They make my job easier. … I can’t remember a time when [Luminare Health] couldn’t find a solution or a way to meet my client’s needs. … When there’s an issue, it’s about how fast you can resolve it and can you resolve it the first time. Solving problems becomes very easy with [Luminare Health]. When I run into something I’m not familiar with, I call [Luminare Health] and can get the information I need right away.” — Drew Butler, Hays Companies
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“Everything we've asked, they have done. Or if they couldn't, they found another solution. … When I suggested they come out for our open enrollment season, they never hesitated. They jumped right on it to come assist us in answering questions. Enrollment activity and stuff like that, they're always there to help us, so that's nice.” — Chelsea Snyder, City of Broken Arrow
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Member Engagement

“When someone is going through a medical issue, healthcare can seem complicated and confusing. … [Luminare Health] understands that, and their responses are very compassionate.” — Megan Fry, Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas
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“We all want to make sure that our employees are taken care of, and number one, that they can trust us. Especially with medical issues. … We've built that relationship with them, and then knowing that you guys have our back is just very important to continue that culture.” — Ashley Lent, Meritrust
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