Simplicity: A Better Way to Manage Healthcare Expenses

A Safety Net for Members

Simplicity® is a service that pays members’ covered deductible and co-insurance payments on their behalf and sends them one monthly statement. 

Why Simplicity Matters

Everyone is paying more.
The average consumer deductible has more than doubled in the last 10 years,1 and because of this reality, consumers skip or delay care to save money, or don’t pay providers at all.2

Consumers are confused.
Often people don’t know the cost before or after a visit or procedure. And then they get multiple bills from different providers and don’t know what they actually owe.

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How Simplicity Helps

Simplicity is a financial safety net for members. It offers financial protection from high out-of-pocket costs and helps members manage all their medical expenses more easily by pre-funding members’ covered deductible and co-insurance payments on their behalf and then sending them a single, consolidated monthly statement. Members then have the freedom and flexibility to pay their bill over 12 months, interest-free. They can even pick which providers they want to pay first.

The result? Members get more control over where their dollars are spent and are empowered to handle their own healthcare expenses.
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