Digital Tools and Reporting

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Luminare Health offers members, employers and brokers the digital tools to take control of their healthand bottom linelike never before.

Data and Reporting Tools

With Beyond Insights, our advanced reporting and analytics tool, self-funded employers and their brokers can access insights and recommendations to support plan objectives. We empower clients with the medical, pharmacy, clinical, and lifestyle data required to make an impact on their bottom line and help their members improve their medical outcomes. 

Beyond Insights features 9+ Interactive dashboards, 122+ standard and custom reports, industry-specific reporting, and much more to help employers and brokers make informed decisions. 

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Engaging Members with Digital Tools

When members are better connected, they are better equipped to manage their health and related expenses. Luminare Health's digital engagement tools connect with them whenever and wherever they are to help them be more informed about their benefits while potentially lowering costs for employers.

Member Portal
Our secure online portal is easy to navigate so members can access what they need faster.

Mobile App
Members can access member-specific services, find a doctor, connect with customer service through our mobile message center, access their benefit ID card, and much more using our free mobile app.

Text Messaging
We can send messages to help members understand their plan, actively engage with their health, and become more savvy healthcare consumers.

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