Specialized Integration Partner for Health Systems

Direct-to-Employer Experience and Expertise

Our experience and expertise administering custom networks and various funding arrangements makes us the ideal partner to support your health system’s employee benefit plan and any direct-to-employer community health benefit plan initiatives.

Partnering with Luminare Health can help you:
  • Enhance your brand and trusted reputation
  • Diversify revenue via steerage to your expert physicians and facilities
  • Enjoy the benefits of flexibility, expert strategies, and time-tested processes
Direct-to-Employer Experience and Expertise

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Luminare Health doesn’t take a one-size-fits all approach because we know each health system’s needs are as unique as the patients and communities you serve. We work with you to bring your vision to life.

You bring your expert physicians, facilities, and trusted community reputation.

Luminare Health brings our flexibility, expert strategies, and pressure-tested processes.

Together we can work to meet your goals.
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Fast Facts

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50+ years of administration experience

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15+ years supporting health systems with direct to employer and community health plan arrangements

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275 (and growing) client partner integrations

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Approximately 50 hospital and health system clients

Expert Guidance and Support

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our industry experts to make your direct to employer and community health plan goals a reality.

By using a compassionate and consultative approach, our skilled teams are here to support your solution from concept to execution. Click each topic below to learn how you and your members can benefit from our support capabilities.


Funding Arrangement Flexibility

Our Specialized Integration Partner line of solutions can help support health systems with their go-to-market strategies for direct-to-employer arrangements by offering many different funding options. This flexibility allows health systems to bring their product vision to life with target prospects in their market.

Are These Your Goals?

We’ll work closely with you to create customized solutions to help you achieve these common goals:
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Diversify revenue streams

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Increase steerage to system physicians and facilities

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Manage and improve member and community health

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Leverage community relationship to drive unique network partnerships

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Promote health system brand within the community

Connect with a Luminare Health sales executive to learn more.

And take a look at our white labeled back office administration capabilities. 

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